TasWater has announced the completion of its Glen Huon Water Treatment Plant upgrade. 

Work at the Glen Huon Water Treatment Plant has been completed, which should lead to improved water security for the local community.

“We have improved the efficiency and operation of the plant, installing the latest technology and instrumentation for more accurate monitoring and quality control,” TasWater says. 

“We have also installed bypass technology to ensure sub-standard water does not make it into the water supply.”

The upgrade was undertaken by TasWater’s Project Delivery Group (PDG) as part of a $1 billion capital works program over the next four years. 

“The upgrade improves the operational efficiency of the plant and reduces the risk of significant downtime with the potential to impact water supply. From an operational point of view, that means additional safety for our workers,” says Project Manager Peter Janisch.

“It is also about delivering quality control of the water supply to our customers, so they are assured of clean, safe, and reliable drinking water.

“What projects like this deliver are very far-reaching. They are good for customers and the environment, but they are also good for jobs. About 93 per cent of all contracts to upgrade or build new infrastructure go to Tasmanian businesses to date, supporting hundreds of jobs,” Mr Janisch said.