A trial for some high-tech water-saving equipment will continue, after reports of broad successacross Queensland's Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions.

UnityWater has extended its program using new technologies to reduce costly leaks in the water supply network, which they say has already saved millions of dollars.

An innovative software and sensor network works to monitor and report on inefficiencies and water losses across the pipeline network, which can be caused by leaks or gaps in protocol.

It can highlight problems such as leaks into soil, pressure loss and actual water theft.

UnityWater’s executive manager Glen Babbington has told the ABC that there has been plenty of success from the one-year trial of the program.

“To date, we've identified a billion litres of potentially lost water, so that equates to a cost saving of $2 million,” he said.

And so, the program will be extended for three more years.

“This sort of information is allowing us to fix problems before they become evident to our customers or actually interrupt the services,” Babbington said.

“So now we can be proactive - very proactive about addressing potential leaks and we can reduce the amount of leaked water in the system.”