New South Wales has commenced two new water sharing plans that cover the NSW Murray-Darling Basin groundwater sources.


“These two plans, the NSW Murray-Darling Basin Porous Rock Groundwater Sources and the NSW Murray Darling Basin Fractured Rock Groundwater Sources, outline how water will be shared between users and the environment over the next 10 years,” State Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson said.


“The plans will provide a secure and sustainable water supply for all users and improve the health of our connected riverine and groundwater dependent ecosystems by addressing current needs, future requirements and the setting aside of environmental water.”


The plans cover porous rock and fractured rock groundwater aquifers that are within the NSW section of the Murray-Darling Basin and are not covered by other specific surface water and alluvial groundwater plans. Along with alluvial plans and the water sharing plan for the groundwater sources overlying the Great Artesian Basin, which are under development, these plans bring all groundwater within the Murray Darling Basin under the provisions of the Water Management Act 2000.


More information can be found here