The Victorian Government and the operators of the Wonthaggi desalination plant have announced the singing of Preliminary Commercial Acceptance (PCA), following the completion of the first seven day commissioning test for the plant’s 50 gigalitre stream and successful transfer of drinking water to the Cardinia Reservoir.


The Independent Reviewer and Environmental Auditor (IREA) has signed off on the successful completion of the tests prior to the declaration of PCA, and again verified that the water being produced is meeting the stringent drinking water quality standards required to enter the supply network.



The next stage is for the second and third 50 gigalitre streams to be commissioned and for the entire system to be tested at a production rate of 150 gigalitres per year.


Commercial Acceptance will be achieved when these tests are completed successfully and signed off by the IREA.


The final test that will then complete commissioning is for the plant to run continuously for 30 days at a rate equivalent to 150 gigalitres per year. This point is known as Reliability Testing Finalisation and will mark the completion of commissioning the plant.