Scientists in north Queensland will be able to continue working with one of the nation’s greatest natural assets with a new round of funding grants.

A quietly introduced piece of mining legislation has created concern from communities in Victoria.

A recent study has highlighted a new factor in the complex relationship between humans, the atmosphere, oceans and the whole state of the planet.

The chairman of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has spoken out, calling on individuals, grassroots and community groups to push for real action on climate change.

Researchers have answered some long-running questions over how animals at the deepest levels of the ocean are able to feed themselves – it seems there is a long time between meals, but there is a serious feast when they do arrive.

Two articles published in the same journal have shown the importance of caring for global water resources from two separate perspectives.

China is planning an incredible geo-engineering effort that would see nature re-worked for the benefit of agriculture.

A new centre for mining law research will focus on fair negotiations between land-owners and CSG companies.

A joint statement from the Prime Minister and New South Wales Premier says the state’s new ‘one-stop-shop’ arrangement for environmental approvals is a step closer, with the signing of the second Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The short and tightly-controlled Western Australian abalone fishing season has started this week, with anglers given just one hour a week to bag the green-lipped delicacy.

Review work will see a scientific survey of water supplies in the Gloucester region of New South Wales, with efforts to find out what impacts nearby mining operations may have.

There are few creatures in the catalogue of nature more peculiar or rare than the platypus, but new research has found it had an ancient, enormous cousin over five million years ago.

Increasingly parched conditions caused by global warming will make the world’s drylands less productive, by reducing the balance of nutrients in the soil.

In a rare moment of uninhibited expressiveness, the Murray Cod has shown off some of its daily routine for the benefit of science.

European scientists have made progress on efforts to better understand the relationship between the ocean, certain microbes and nitrogen that feeds much of the planet.

Lawyers say an independent investigation needs to be undertaken into the 2009 Montara oil spill, which saw millions of litres of light crude strewn across the Timor Sea.

A new study from the Australian National University will improve the models and maps of ocean currents, wave heights and tides, plotting the incredibly long process that ends with waves crashing on the shore.

Speculation about two mysterious barges docked in US ports has lit up the tech-world in the last two weeks, but guessing is still all anyone can do as the inexplicable ships give up none of their secrets.

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