The African tigerfish has a habit that many suspected but no-one had seen, until it was caught on camera by South African researchers.

Fish migrations will be interrupted by the drying climate near Australia’s coast, according to a new paper from Murdoch University.

Funding has been awarded to a number of projects aimed at creating a truly sustainable fisheries industry for Australia.

One of Australia’s largest oil and gas firms has been fined for the failed reporting of more than dozen environmental incidents.

A new technique may bring a totally renewable reality a little bit closer, improving the ways electricity from wind and solar can be stored.

Anti-whaling activists aboard the Sea Shepherd have found their Moby Dick, uncovering and interrupting a Japanese whaling fleet at the start of the new season.

It takes a lot to shock residents of outback Queensland mining towns, but having an early-morning swim with crocodiles in the pool may just have done the trick.

Thousands have gathered to protest the Western Australian government's shark-culling plan, but authorities say the slaughter will go ahead regardless.

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