Researchers say Australia’s most important commodity is also one of the least talked-about, despite lives being on the line.

Melbourne will have a second container port, but the rest of the plan hinges on an upcoming state election.

A parliamentary inquiry will look into the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA), following several big spills and small fines.

A group of sea-bound protestors are travelling from the Pacific Islands to Newcastle to block the coal port.

The gender pay gap is smaller at corporations where the CEO has a daughter, so a new campaign has been launched to get more daughters for executives.

Graziers, growers and the Greens have again found themselves allied against a Federal Government that appears unfriendly to farmers’ needs.

New South Wales has scored outstanding marks for its beaches, but not so much for freshwater swimming spots.

It appears the Environment Minister was told that climate change would make Australian bushfires more common, three weeks before he publically denied the link.

An Australian dingo expert will see how one of our top predators stacks up against big killers of other environments.

A new Engineers Without Borders (EWB) project could bring life-saving sanitation to flood-prone Cambodia.

The Greens, Palmer United Party and Labor have banded together to keep final say on mining environmental approvals in Federal hands.

Some Canberra residents have been returned to the medieval practice of physical water-carting, after a big broken pipe knocked out supply for large parts of the ACT.

The dredge spoil from the contentious expansion of the Abbot Point Port will be dumped on land, and could even be used to improve the environment in which it rests.

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