The Northern Territory Government says it will move ahead with a split of Power and Water, the corporation in charge of both utilities in the territory.

The chair of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority says a New South Wales Government funding cut will flow downstream.

Australia’s history of drought has given US scientists a glimpse of their future at home, with a team visiting drought-stricken areas to see what may lie ahead.

India has embarked on an ambitious plan to replace its 26 million groundwater irrigation pumps with solar-powered versions.

Prawn populations are receiving an academic boost, with experts coming to together to ensure the next generation thrives.

Authorities say that as the furore over Western Australia’s shark-culling policy continues, it is worth remembering that other states continue to run similar regimes killing local marine predators.

The company behind a massive farm project in Queensland will not be swayed by a report suggesting there is not nearly enough water.

Western Australia's Department of Water says it advises against shale gas fracking underneath public drinking water sources, but has no power to do anything more.

A team of junior ichthyologists have determined the most appropriate taxonomy for a new species of reef fish.

An international team has developed a series of maps showing how fast and in which direction local climates have shifted, to illuminate species at risk worldwide.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has, after “rigorous assessment”, approved the disposal of dredge spoil within the Marine Park, making only minor requests in the granting of the dredge permit.

Despite the city of Adelaide being placed in the driest state on the driest inhabited continent, underneath its streets flow substantial quantities of water.

New research could shake our understanding of the origins of life on Earth, setting the date back about a billion years.

A Federal Government Minister is pushing for billions of dollars to help workers toiling in some of the worst conditions for decades, and it looks like the Prime Minister is keen to help too.

A new study has assessed how difficult it is for fish to swim through large waves, and it turns out that many have little choice but to go with the flow.

A representative body for engineers has questioned why a technical design project in Queensland will not consult with engineering experts.

Engineers are once again referring to the great catalogue of nature for their next robotic design.

An Australian company says it has achieved is the world’s most economical wave energy generator yet.

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