The amount of microscopic algae in the water off Sydney has declined, a strong indicator of a downward trend in temperature.

New South Wales Primary Industries is looking to move forward on a $180 million land and water buying scheme.

The Queensland Government remains optimistic about the plan to expand the Abbot Point coal port terminal, despite very few interested private companies remaining.

New Zealand firm TransTasman Resources is looking to break open offshore iron sands, seeking permission for marine mining off the southern coast.

Experts have told media outlets that a decision to let Fukushima resident back into their homes is premature and potentially very dangerous.

Gas firm Santos Ltd has been fined after groundwater sampling revealed elevated levels of elements including arsenic, lead, and uranium at a site in New South Wales.

Courts have ruled that the Western Australian Government's shark cull is legal, after a challenge by environmental group Sea Shepherd.

The Federal Government is looking to fund better ways of using Murray-Darling water.

The marine biologist’s equivalent of annual fireworks have gone on show in northern seas, with researchers flocking to see this year’s coral spawning at Heron Island.

Authorities are taking the first steps to repair extensive damage caused by bushfires in Victoria, releasing water over the burned and parched former wetlands.

A new study says the risk of using wastewater to irrigate vegetable crops is much higher than first thought, and could contribute to the deaths of untold millions.

Broad opposition has formed against a planned shale gas extraction program in Western Australia's Kimberley region, with locals saying they won’t put their water at risk.

A new way to gather energy from the ocean is in development, as engineers continue trying to harness the incredible power crashing against coastlines every day.

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