Ten new species of parasite have been discovered in the kidneys of cuttlefish, and it appears the microscopic bugs enforce strict boundaries on their sexuality.

Humans may love building dams, but they have not been so great for fish, until now.

New rules forcing Northern Territory fishers into wilder waters put safety at risk, the industry says.

The Federal Government has launched a new water purchase round in the New South Wales Murray and Lower Darling catchments.

Two new reports on the state of Australia’s water industry show most Australians now enjoy safe and secure water supplies, but prices have increased.

Progress has been made on a digging robot inspired by the unique style of an oceanic clam.

Two regional councils are taking control of their water supplies, conducting tests to determine risks potentially posed by coal seam gas extraction.

Two million dollars over three years will help conservation groups improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Density is the key factor in a new theory for finding groundwater.

A pay dispute continues between the tug boat operators and a shipping company at the world's largest bulk export port.

The organisers of a massive multi-purpose farming project in north Queensland have been ignoring the indigenous population that holds native title to the land, locals say.

Plastic water bottles will be replaced with wobbly blobs, if a team of European designers get their way.

A new study has drawn the clearest picture yet of the Southern Hemisphere’s climatic history, showing about a thousand years of detailed variations.

Delegates from around the Indian Ocean rim are meeting to discuss the implications of future climate risk, with Australian authorities leading the way.

Japan has been ordered to stop whaling in the Antarctic by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and says it will halt activities and not issue any more permits under current programs.

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