The Federal Government has released another green paper covering some ideas for development in the northern half of Australia.

Aboriginal artists will work on a powerful new sculpture, formed out of the remnants of recent exploitation.

Five large ports on the Queensland coast will receive even more special treatment, after the State Government named them in its new strategy document.

A potentially revolutionary water saving device has seen three Australian students represent at a global engineering competition in Amsterdam.

New research from the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training says that managed aquifer recharge could help to drought-proof a region.

One US company wants to create a world of ‘start-up’ governments, which hold sovereignty in floating cities on the ocean.

Research into fish family trees has shown a sheltered life could be the way to go.

The chief scientist in New South Wales says there should be no CSG fracking in Sydney’s water catchment area until all the risks are known.

New South Wales farmers are reportedly pleased at the simplification of water management laws.

Some regional councils have come out in support of Federal Government moves to reduce Murray-Darling buybacks and spend on infrastructure.

A sea-dwelling species which has lived unchanged for millions of years is under threat, prompting calls to protect the ancient Nautilus.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has given details on its change of mind to approve the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion.

Water is a frequent topic of discussion in rural regions, but it will soon be brought up in a way not many would expect.

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