Two updated reports this week show the Great Barrier Reef is still deteriorating.

A strike that could hold up millions in resource export has been delayed, because the organisers accidentally scheduled it at the wrong time.

Engineers and physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have built a tractor beam.

Irrigation industry group Namoi Water says the NSW Government’s permission for AGL to fracture CSG wells in Gloucester is a dark sign of things to come.

A life-saving solar-powered toilet has been developed for a UN-backed project to improve global sanitation.

An ombudsmen’s report has detailed the dodgy practices at a state government water authority.

A new study say there are huge untapped water reserves in the Pilbara, which could drive a massive agricultural expansion in WA.

The chance of El Nino developing later this year has been lowered, according to the authorities.

Dry times in South East Queensland mean some of Brisbane’s water will be pumped up to the Sunshine Coast.

There is outrage over reports that one state government water body spent over $400,000 on some corporate advice.

The Queensland Government has successfully repealed the state's Wild Rivers Act - a move conservationists say will take a major toll on some of the world’s last free-flowing rivers.

A large shell-shaped structure is sucking tonnes of rubbish out of a river for free.

Australia’s chief research group has finally taken delivery of its incredible new science vessel.

Research says leaks from Australian coal seam gas (CSG) wells are much less severe than leaks in the US, but they are still a major source of carbon emissions.

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