Thousands of people have been forced to bathe in and drink contaminated water, as a tropical island off Queensland becomes considerably less idyllic.

The Federal Government has granted four new offshore petroleum exploration permits for waters off Western Australia.

A top executive from mining giant Glencore has slammed the Newcastle City Council for not supporting coal mines.

Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is assessing the risks from Stawell Gold's leaking tailings dam, which threatens to flood nearby waterways with toxic water.

Australian scientists have joined an international group looking millions of years into the past to better predict the future.

A community forum next week will let residents of Broken Hill speak directly to NSW water minister Niall Blair.

The 2015 Riverprize has been awarded to a South Australian Indigenous organisation for its exemplary ecosystem management.

Researchers say rising sea levels could take a big toll on freshwater fish species in Kakadu National Park.

Sea turtles are testing out the latest in summer swimsuit fashion, as part of a project to find out more about their eating habits.

US Courts have ordered BP to pay more than $US20 billion ($AU28 billion) in fines from the deadly Gulf of Mexico oil spill five years ago.

The NSW Planning Assessment Commission has given a green light to Port Waratah’s Terminal 4 project in Newcastle.

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