Water Corporation in Western Australia will shed hundreds of jobs, as it shifts its corporate direction.

Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville says she will look at water held for Melbourne as a way to improve water security for rural irrigators.

Trendy Californians are happy to guzzle treated water, but local experts say it will need a re-branding before Australians are excited about recycled supplies.

The age of hydrogen cars in Australia has begun.

Woodside Petroleum has come across some new gas off the West Australian coast.

The Victorian Government has undertaken large-scale sacking of executives on water and environment boards.

The pressure is on for the Federal Government to improve drought assistance, as farmers struggle against seriously dry times.

Oil spill clean-up groups say they will be much better placed to respond to the next big event, having learned a lot since BP’s Deepwater Horizon debacle.

A common agricultural growth hormone appears to affect the sexual behaviours of fish – with some potentially serious ecological and evolutionary consequences.

Deakin University in Melbourne has taken on CSIRO’s last remaining irrigation researchers.

Victoria's Water Minister, Lisa Neville, has attended talks on Bendigo’s groundwater problems.

The New South Wales Government has put up tenders for the monitoring of coal seam gas impacts on groundwater, but some residents say it may be too late.

Radiation from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has made it to a North American shoreline, but researchers say it does not pose a significant threat to human or marine life.

Tasmania’s economic regulator still has some concerns about the quality of the state’s sewerage systems.

Responsibility for water regulation could be moved away from the ACCC.

A subsidiary of global giant Leighton Holdings has won a $799 million contract to build a “mega reservoir” in Qatar.

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