Tasmania’s Auditor-General has released an assessment of the state’s water and sewerage management.

Tassal says it will not dump treated wastewater from its Macquarie Harbour pens back into the harbour.

The NT Government has been accused of leaving Katherine's medical staff in the lurch about the health risks posed by PFAS chemical contamination in the town's water supply.

South Australian political parties have been called on to commit to collecting the natural resource management levy at the state level.

Researchers may have discovered the chemical spark that led to life on Earth.

Researchers have looked at the most water-efficient crops for the future of agriculture.

Tasmania's Treasurer has been accused of “having a tantrum” over the difficulty of passing key bills including the TasWater takeover.

The UN says it is very likely that 2017 will be one of the three hottest years on record.

Authorities have warned that Australia’s northern coastline is becoming a hotspot for ‘ghost nets’.

Residents of a town on Tasmania's west coast say pollutions has turned the Queen River a deep shade of orange.

A senate inquiry has been told there needs to be serious changes to the way water is managed ...

WA’s water minister has suggested people rip up their lawns to save valuable resources.

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