The Opposition wants the MDBP to deliver an extra 450 gigalitres of water for the environment.

The Northern Territory Government has announced a review of over 90 water licences.

Industrial chemicals have made their way to the Earth’s deepest ocean trenches.

The Federal Government agency looking at Adani’s $1 billion loan request will not have to give details to the public.

The Queensland Government has uncovered a large coal spill at a mining port near the Great Barrier Reef.

Tassal – Tasmania’s top salmon supplier – has been ordered to offload thousands of tonnes of stock.

A scientific snapshot shows Australia's heatwaves will be hotter, last longer and occur more often.

Public consultations have started for plans to build a pipeline from Murray River to Broken Hill.

Experts say shark fishing should be made sustainable, not banned.

The Victorian Government has gained opposition support for a permanent ban on fracking.

The South Australian Liberal Party is splitting from the Federal Government’s stance on unconventional gas extraction.

The ANF has backed nurses refusing to move to the Perth Children's Hospital until lead contamination has been sorted.

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