The Tamworth Regional Council has unveiled a $2.3 million upgrade of Nundle’s water treatment plant.

A new report has once again highlighted issues with the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Tasmania’s EPA says it will monitor the effect of a record number of cruise ships at Tasmanian ports this summer.

A NSW regulatory body has put the state’s water recycling industry at risk.

Authorities are investigating possible groundwater contamination at a site recently referred to as Australia’s dumping ground.

Researchers have created a climate change microcosm to see how the ecosystem will respond.

Queensland farmers have highlighted what they say is another failure of the MDBP.

In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, questions are being asked about what elements of city planning – specifically pavement – could be changed to avoid such mass flooding events.

Queensland researchers are programming drones to monitor coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Major salmon producer Tassal has won back certification for its Macquarie Harbour operations.

Whales use their teeth like a sieve to harvest vast amounts of food, but that may not always have been the case.

Bendigo’s groundwater should soon be less contaminated, with the launch of its new treatment plant.

A major union is pushing to prevent gas fracking in the Northern Territory.

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