Researchers have reviewed the difference in climate change impacts for wealthy and poor nations.

Experts are concerned that the future of NSW's clean drinking water supply could be put at risk by discharge from coalmines.

Experts say toxin-producing microalgae could be rafting its way to Australia.

The Greens want a parliamentary inquiry into how $444 million in reef funding was awarded to little-known group with mining links.

A not-for-profit will take over the future stewardship of Nimmie-Caira ...

Researchers have mapped the death and rebirth of the Great Barrier Reef.

A global study has found dusty, dry riverbeds can become carbon emitters when the water starts flowing again.

Salmon companies have responded to the revelation that more than a million farmed fish died within six months in Macquarie Harbour.

New studies show the wildly disproportionate effect humans have had on life on Earth.

A new finding by Australian researchers could change our understanding of the history of the ocean.

Experts have reviewed the impact of human-driven climate change on freshwater reserves around the world.

The Defence Department says it will widen its probe into the spread of PFAS chemicals in Adelaide.

The Federal Government has been criticised for awarding $444 million in funding to a small Great Barrier Reef group with big mining links.

The Northern Territory has extended a moratorium on seabed mining.

A Senate inquiry has dubbed climate change a “current and existential national security risk” to Australia.

Victoria has released new oil and gas reserves for exploration off the west coast.

The resources minister says energy supply issues could lead to drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

The Northern Territory has extended a moratorium on seabed mining.

A NSW department has given the green light to a controversial sand mine inside a PFAS contamination risk zone.

Snowy Mountains residents say their water is smelly, undrinkable and makes them itchy.

Territory Labor delegates have voted in favour of a ban on fracking.

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