Researchers are mapping the world’s vast underwater forests.

The NSW planning department has recommended that a new Hume Coal mine be refused.

A new Disaster Response Taskforce has been established to help NSW councils.

A major irrigator has been fined for an illegal water take, but some say the penalties should be higher.

A seven-year survey of algal blooms shows things are changing around the world.

Tardigrades may have lost their title as the world’s most resilient beasts.

Experts say artificial light is hurting clownfish.

CSIRO says wind and solar are the cheapest sources of new electricity generation capacity in Australia.

The world's lakes are rapidly losing oxygen as the planet warms.

Experts have plotted the rise and fall of the largest known lake in Earth’s history.

Directors have been selected for the new body to govern much of Melbourne’s water.

A national fuel company has been fined over a fuel leak at a service station.

Dozens of remote WA communities are living on bottled water, with audits showing uranium and E. Coli among contaminants in their supplies.

Hunter Water’s anti-fatberg campaign has been honoured with an award.

Researchers have discovered another reason why coral suffers in hot snaps.

Funding earmarked for environmental water could be used for bridge upgrades.

The SA Government has commenced consultation on a draft Water Security Statement.

Authorities are bringing a DIY plumbing course to Aboriginal communities in South Australia.

Seqwater is working with farmers to protect turtles from poop.

NT regulators say there are no significant environmental issues at the McArthur River Mine, despite its history of issues.

Experts say Australian wetlands are threatened by “complex and convoluted” rules.

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