2 Days Course

Take control of your career destiny and kick-start your personal development to reach your full potential! Embrace the concepts of self-guidance and continuous improvement with our executive leadership training program.

This course focuses on the three key aspects of leading others.

Personal Performance: The first focus is managing personal performance, where you will learn how you can increase your self-leadership skills and emotional intelligence to best represent yourself at work. You’ll gain an understanding on the skills that are best suited to your work environment and how they can be used to manage your team effectively.

Managing Others: Once you’ve increased self-knowledge and mastered personal performance, you will move on to managing others. This includes having difficult conversations, motivating different generations at work, navigating conflict and problem-solving.

Tailoring your Leadership Skills: The final targeted area of this course will allow you to improve your overall leadership skills and ability to adapt to different situations.


  • Define the terms – management and leadership.
  • Identify the qualities of effective leaders.
  • Understand your own leadership style preferences.
  • Evaluate the impact of your leadership style on the work environment.
  • Describe the four key elements of emotional intelligence.
  • Manage conflict effectively.
  • Deliver difficult feedback which helps others develop.
  • Compare the high level leadership requirements and approaches of different generations.
  • Apply a situational approach to leadership for a variety of individuals and circumstances.

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