The end of the financial year this week has seen the closure of a number of Co-operative Research Centres, bringing an end to important projects such as the Future Farm Industry CRC in WA.

A new robot could save millions of dollars across energy, water and gas pipe networks.

The Queensland Government will not revoke illegally-granted water licences, as licensing issues are called-out across the state.

A trial for some high-tech water-saving equipment will continue, after reports of broad successacross Queensland's Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions.

Fish have the same emotional and mental capabilities as other vertebrates, yet they do not get anywhere near the same regard from most humans.

The Global Environment Facility may provide funding for one of the Pacific Ocean’s most valued inhabitants.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the NSW government should share gas royalties with landowners, but that he would die before creating a domestic reservation.

Residents of one rural city say some of their demands have been met in negotiations over future water prices.

A combination of action and delays at ports across Western Australia this week, with the launch of plans for a massive new project while another hits a hitch.

Showing the extreme mining-friendliness of the Queensland Government, a law has been changed to prevent investigation of a controversial quarrying practice.

The New South Wales Government has dropped a big surprise on its  people, announcing funds for a new dam as part of a new $325 million drought-proofing and water-saving scheme.

The Western Australian Environment Department will allow coal seam gas fracking with no prior environmental assessment.

A project which has been saving masses of water since 1999 may be scrapped, as the current government blames the former government for its need to cut costs.

Authorities from Australia and around the world say Antarctica faces major risks, and more must be done to help.

Six local governments have used broad public support as a sign that they should take over the administration of their irrigation schemes.

International fisheries may be the target of an assault by the United States.

Modern technology will connect people along an ancient river system, in a program to show students the ongoing importance of the Murray Darling Basin.

A Federal Court judge in Queensland has ruled that declarations to protect three river systems in Cape York were invalid, and made only to appease election promises.

A new Australian invention could see a massive reduction in wastewater at mine sites, while boosting value too.

Residents of Murray Bridge will become less reliant on the river for which their town is named.

A mining firm will conduct seismic tests ahead of a potential oil or gas project near the Great Australian Bight, and environmentalists say it is a disgrace.

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