Environmentalists say a coal mine in NSW is threatening Sydney’s drinking water.

Climate change is threatening global fisheries.

South Australians are invited to have their say on Greater Adelaide’s water planning for generations to come.

La Niña has provided a boost for Australia’s environment, but the report card is still mixed.

Millions of dead fish have blanketed a river near Menindee in NSW.

Scientists may have found a new source of water on the Moon.

Mussels are helping clean up WA's Swan River.

Australia appears to lack the hydrogen skills and training capabilities it needs to achieve its newly-legislated carbon reduction targets.

The UN has discussed extensive water disasters linked to the climate crisis.

Over a million bottles of water are sold around the world every minute, and according to the UN.

A global mapping project has revealed the major stressors placed upon global coastlines by human activity.

Experts say there are some deep-sea consequences of ocean-based climate mitigation technology.

The MDBA is moving ahead with designs to improve the movement of water through the Barmah-Millewa Reach of the Murray River.

To celebrate World Water Day, Melbourne Water has highlighted its efforts to deliver Melbourne’s renowned water.

Experts say there are now 170 trillion bits of plastic floating on the world’s oceans.

Satellite observations show worldwide water extremes increasing since 2002.

Climate change impacts are larger, more rapid and worse than previous estimates, but humanity can tackle them.

March 22 is World Water Day, and Australian authorities say it is a chance to improve local water quality.

Experts have reflected on the new global agreement to protect marine biodiversity.

The fishing industry is concerned about the effects of a ban by traditional owners in the Northern Territory.

WaterNSW has repaired key flood-damaged infrastructure at an important water storage and wetland, a critical pelican breeding area, in the Lachlan Valley.

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