Sydney Water says rules for conserving water in the summer months are now in place.

Sydney’s Water Wise Rules are billed as simple, common sense actions to reduce water use.

They include watering lawns and gardens before 10 am or after 4 pm, and fitting a trigger nozzle to water gardens.

Sydney Water Managing Director Kevin Young says the Millennium Drought demonstrated that significant water savings can be achieved if everyone does their bit.

“Currently, on average customers are using 100 litres per person per day less than before water restrictions were last introduced in 2003,” Mr Young says.

“In other words, the behavioural changes Sydney Water drove during the drought have ‘stuck’ however there is no room for complacency, which is why we urge the community to do their bit.”

Sydney Water has a range of water saving initiatives, including an expanded offering of the long-running WaterFix Program, which for the first time is being delivered for both residential homes and strata apartments. 

“Sydney Water understands it must take a lead in conserving water and that’s why we’ve given a renewed investment in the program in order for customers to achieve meaningful water savings,” Mr Young said.

Sydney Water also offers services for customers in financial hardship who need essential or emergency plumbing work such as repairing or replacing leaking or broken toilets, taps, pipes and fixing concealed leaks.