The WA Government is funding new wave power studies.

Rain is falling on Greenland's highest point for the first time on record.

Warnings have been issued after tyres were found buried at six north-west New South Wales coal mines without a licence.

Experts say satellites could enhance water quality management.

SA Water is preparing to spend big on new water mains for regional towns.

Inaugural TasWater Chief Executive Michael Brewster has announced he will step down.

Experts say selective breeding can produce heat-tolerant corals.

Three out of four turtle populations risk cadmium contamination, according to scientists.

The Queensland Government has called for the construction of a new hydrogen export facility.

New research shows microscopic marine bugs are battling with microplastics.

New grants are being provided for events or projects at South Australia’s reservoir reserves.

A new prototype can harvest double the power from ocean waves as previous designs.

Researchers say investing in higher quality water could fatten up livestock.

Wastewater samples have revealed a shift in Australian drug use.

Australia is moving forward with a new system to identify the origin of seafood using portable x-ray machines.

WA's Environment Minister has approved a major part of Woodside's proposed $16 billion Scarborough LNG project.

The Federal Government has settled on a site for its planned nuclear waste dump.

Hunter Water is seeking feedback on its plan for future water security.

TasWater has implemented a high-tech leakage management system that can detect the sound of leaks.

A new study shows Murray-Darling Basin water availability is declining.

Authorities say a $1.5 million partnership has brought some impressive results along the banks of a Queensland river.

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