The Tasmanian Government’s proposal to take over TasWater may prove too costly for householders.

Researchers are looking at the idea of making the clouds above the Great Barrier Reef brighter in order to cool it down.

Research has shown that the groundwater at the bottom of the deepest wells is still vulnerable to contamination.

Public health risk experts have pushed for high-tech solutions to keep beachgoers safe from sharks.

The Federal Government could phase out harmful firefighting chemicals.

South Australia is lining up to become a leader in hydrogen fuel production.

Residents of Tasmania’s Bruny Island are looking for an alternative fresh water supply.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Tasmania could become the “battery of Australia”.

Tasmanian councils say a new survey on the state’s image proves Treasurer Peter Gutwein’s recent claims are wrong.

MIT has unveiled a new technology that can draw water directly from moisture in the air in the driest of locations.

Experts have warned the Gulf of Carpentaria could suffer a second surge of mangrove dieback and further ecosystem damage.

The Northern Territory Government is trying to keep a stake in Darwin's Port.

Researchers have analysed seaweed around volcanic seeps to assess their response to ocean acidification.

The north Queensland city of Townsville is casting a wide net in its search for water security solutions.

Operation of Perth’s Elizabeth Quay water park will be handed to commercial operators.

Experts say increased CSG extraction could result in more methane emissions in QLD’s Condamine River.

A mine on NSW’s mid-north coast has been shut down for not paying environmental rehabilitation costs.

Adelaide’s bottlenose dolphin habitats need more protection, Flinders University researchers say.

Freshwater scientists recommend treating rivers as medical patients, applying healthcare practices to revive drowning ecosystems.

The NT Government has put aside $10 million for soil and water mapping.

The Queensland Government’s water company is looking at raising the Wivenhoe Dam wall by up to 4 metres.

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