Stanthorpe has run out of water, leading to the largest water carting project by a local government in Australia.

WaterNSW has installed giant screens to clean bushfire ash out of water supplies.

A new study demonstrates that proper fisheries management can sustain stocks.

There is concern that water catchments across NSW could be contaminated with flame retardant chemicals from the bushfire crisis.

Bushfires are causing problems for the Snowy Hydro 2.0 project, with machinery lost and a nearby town half-destroyed.

Some state are refusing to help the Commonwealth review their water-sharing.

A new, $30 million water buyback is aimed at helping struggling farming families along the lower Darling River.

A group of former fire chiefs has accused the Australian government of being “asleep at the wheel” on climate policy.

As more countries look to offshore sources for renewable energy, experts say there could be big impacts on marine life.

A peak welfare group has found power and water is too costly for some in NT.

While mainland Australia swelters, the south-west is facing an almost unprecedented marine heatwave.

Engineers have developed an oil-catching sponge that could help recover contamination from offshore drilling.

Bore water is increasingly making its way into affluent NSW communities eager to keep their lawns and gardens green.

Indigenous groups have warned the NSW Government against scrapping the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Sydney is now on level 2 water restrictions as New South Wales continues to struggle through severe fire and drought devastation.

The Federal Government has referred Adani’s pipe plan for environmental approval without applying the federal water trigger.

Australia has sunk in global climate ratings.

Experts have assessed the benefits and risks for marine ecosystems from carbon removal plans.

New research shows Greenland has lost 3.8 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992 – enough to push global sea levels up by 10.6 millimetres.

Experts have created a high spatial resolution atlas that maps the environmental characteristics of all the globe’s rivers and catchments.

Almost 70 per cent of Queensland is now officially in drought, with eight new declarations this week.

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