An independent assessor has given MDBA river managers a tick of approval.

An 81-year-old midnight snapper caught off the coast of Western Australia has taken the title of the oldest tropical reef fish ...

A Chinese research submarine has reached one of the deepest spots on the planet.

The NT Government has gone against expert advice and approved plans to double the size of a mining pit ...

Experts say microplastics are almost universally found in marine mammals.

Experts say the ‘smell’ of coral could be used as an indicator of reef health.

A $125 million investment has been made to support Snowy 2.0 grid development.

Experts say it is more important than ever to learn from ancient Australian cultures.

Fifty-thousand farmed salmon have liberated themselves after their floating pen caught fire.

SA Water has provided details on what people did during the state’s two-day lockdown.

A key feature of Australia’s COVID-19 response has been testing for traces of the virus in wastewater.

The Narrabri Gas Project has received federal approval, despite concerns for water resources.

A new study has found platypus populations could disappear “without ever returning”.

NT croc numbers are surging, and researchers want to know what that means for the environment.

Flinders University is working on the technology behind future water recycling.

NSW utility Sydney Water has signed a new software deal to keep tabs on its $4 billion transformation.

Federal funds will allow gas firm Jemena to test injecting biomethane into the NSW natural gas network.

A new report says water from the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is not being delivered to wetlands.

Water pressure in the Great Artesian Basin appears to be recovering as more bores are capped.

Scientists have peered back hundreds of millions of years to find a genetic link between humans and sponges.

WaterNSW is investigating allegations that a traditional landowner was offered work in exchange for supporting the raising of the Warragamba dam wall.

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