Tasmanian councils say the state’s treasurer is encouraging business to break the law.

Environmentalists say Australian power stations produce levels of toxic air pollution that would be illegal in ...

Experts say there is enough space in the open ocean for a massive expansion of marine aquaculture.

The WA Government has launched groundwater surveys in the hope of unlocking major new irrigated agriculture sites.

Engineers have come up with a nano-tech way to purify vast volumes of water.

A review of the world’s river systems suggests rural areas are drying up while urban centres face higher flood risks.

Indian mining giant Adani has been hit with a $12,000 over an environmental breach at its Abbot Point coal terminal in north Queensland.

A NSW community is taking legal action after cancer-causing chemicals were found in their water supply.

Australian scientists have completed a $20 million survey of the Great Australian Bight, uncovering new aquatic species and oil reserves.

Tasmanian councils are turning their focus to the Legislative Council Select Committee in its bid to prevent the takeover of TasWater.

More than 100 scientists and policymakers have met in Canberra ...

The Northern Territory Government has imposed water restrictions on the entire town of Katherine due to PFAS chemical concerns.

A senate committee says Tassal should not be found in contempt of an inquiry into the aquaculture industry.

Reports say a string of environmental licence breaches at Whitehaven Coal’s four NSW mines have been covered up.

Australia is in “urgent” need of more scientists to help the country prepare for climate risks.

Groundwater experts say the NSW Government is ignoring scientific evidence ...

Engineers are testing a system that could see excess renewable energy converted into hydrogen fuel and inject into SA’s gas network.

Experts have assessed the level of community concern about coal seam gas in Queensland.

The state governments are being asked to assist in a review of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

A panel led by Australia’s former chief scientist says global action is needed to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Qantas says it will stop using dangerous firefighting foam after a spill in the Brisbane River.

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