Researchers have found the first underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites.

NSW’s environment minister has approved a new coal mine amid local opposition and a plunging coal price.

A five-year fight over excess water in WA has been settled.

Murray-Darling ministers are commissioning a study into ways of increasing the capacity of the Barmah Choke.

Federal approval has been announced for the Snowy 2.0 project.

Research suggests major developments are not regularly held up because of legal challenges to environmental approvals.

Experts say climate change is leaving Australia parched.

Experts say the environmental effects of rain after bushfire can be as significant as the fire itself.

Australia's largest insurance company says farmers with coal seam gas (CSG) infrastructure on their property will not be covered for public liability.

CSIRO and Microsoft are partnering to tackle plastic waste and illegal fishing.

New research shows Australian companies do better when they have more women in leadership.

Researchers say the world is experiencing its sixth mass extinction.

Scott Morrison gave a vague address about cyber-security last week, and now experts have fleshed out his message.

Australia will soon be home to half of the most sensitive telescope ever.

There is a type of small Australian lizard that sits in an interesting evolutionary middle ground.

Australia’s chief scientist says the nation must do more to lift energy efficiency.

New figures suggest Australia’s big money COVID-19 responses will not require serious austerity to repay.

Experts have proposed changing the Closing the Gap measures.

New reports say big investors are making a killing on water.

A timeline has been set for the approval of the Santos Narrabri gas project.

The SA Government says household water bills will be slashed to ease coronavirus pressures.

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