Australian researchers have come up with a metal strip that can remove impurities like dyes and heavy metals from water.

Environmental concern has clouded the launch of a hazardous waste dump in southern Tasmania.

Environmental authorities are investigating claims that Adani dug bores without permission.

Authorities are using satellites to keep track of river flows in the northern Murray–Darling Basin in a bid to guard against water theft.

Pro-whaling nations have blocked a near two-decade effort to create a South Atlantic whale haven.

Engineers will soon deploy a rubbish-collection device for the giant rubbish patch in the Pacific Ocean.

A car has been removed after almost a month submerged in an SA town’s water supply.

Thousands of people are seeking damages over Roundup herbicides in the US, causing concern about what will happen in Australia.

Researchers have used sound waves to create a bubble from a drop of water.

Port Lincoln City Council in South Australia has joined a list of councils who oppose drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

A draft report says the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) could be split into two separate institutions.

Scientists say giant dams could turn north QLD, WA and the NT into even greater agricultural food bowls.

Leaders are meeting in Nauru this week for the Pacific Islands Forum ...

New research suggests the 2016 coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef also affected deep reefs.

Firefighters are gaining control over a factory fire in Melbourne’s west that has burned for nearly a week.

SA has approved trials of a controversial mining technology that is banned in other states.

A new robot could soon patrol the Great Barrier Reef, spotting and attacking crown-of-thorns starfish.

South Australia's Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission will not cross–examine federal officials.

Two Cotton farm executives have been arrested over an alleged $20 million fraud involving water-saving funds.

The former president of the NFF says federal politicians are ignoring the link between drought and climate change.

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