Australian scientists have developed a world-first, graphene-based filter that can remove more than 99 per cent of organic matter ...

Queensland indigenous councils are set to benefit from new spending on water and waste infrastructure.

WaterNSW has announced it will prosecute five people over alleged water theft on the Barwon-Darling.

WA’s Water Corporation has welcomed its first four-legged employee.

Concern has been raised about coral bleaching in waters off the Northern Territory.

New research could give Australians in regional and remote areas better access to recycled water.

New research shows krill can turn microplastics into nanoplastics.

The Land and Environment court has ruled the NSW Government's land-clearing laws are invalid.

Australian researchers are using graphene to create fertilisers with lower environmental impacts and reduced costs for farmers.

An environmental report suggests Sydney's planned Western Harbour tollway will expose some north shore and inner-west residents to heavy construction noise, and produce a “plume” of toxic sediment in Sydney Harbour.

A new report could add weight to concerns about over-extraction in the Murray Darling system.

A new study has revealed some interesting insights into the health of Australian drinking water supply catchments.

The Coober Pedy council is concerned a plan to drill for oil and gas could put its drinking water supplies at risk.

Researchers say giving carp herpes may not be that effective.

Australia has been described as a global land-clearing hotspot.

The federal commodity forecaster says farmer incomes will decline this financial year.

The NSW Government has been forced to correct the parliamentary record on prosecutions by WaterNSW.

Japanese authorities have no official plan for what to do with more than 1 million tonnes of radioactive water at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Locals want the new Deputy PM to commit to progress on the Murray Darling.

Authorities are investigating whether misleading data has been provided to ...

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