The NSW ‘water cop’ has reported on its first few years of activity.

Conservationists are seeking to halt the $16 billion Scarborough gas project due to its risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Department of Defence says PFAS is continuing to spread.

Researchers are investigating whether new corals in Sydney are dangerous invaders, or just harmless refugees.

A simple fishing trip on the NSW Mid North Coast has been turned into an important research paper.

Researchers say life-giving minerals can move through ice sheets on alien planets.

Stats show the largest marine oil spill in history did not harm BP’s stocks in the long term.

Twenty-two hectares of land formerly known as Fraser Island has been returned to traditional owners.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the ongoing La Niña event might persist into 2023.

The NT Government has been accused of trying to open up more areas to water extraction.

Twenty years of citizen science appears to back up findings on coral bleaching.

Researchers are embarking on an immense detective effort to help revive a calving ground that was smashed by the whaling industry.

More than 34,000 solar panels are now powering one of SA Water’s major pipelines.

Climate change is slowing down the ocean currents that circulate warm water.

More delays suggest Snowy Hydro will not be the saviour that the former LNP government claimed it would.

Experts have tested telecoms cables on the seafloor as a detector for earthquakes, tsunamis and the effects of climate change

Experts say women face a ‘glass obstacle course’ in marine science.

NSW dam managers are struggling to stop rivers flooding during near-record wet.

Australia’s former Coalition government scrapped recovery plans for almost 200 threatened species and habitats ...

Researchers are working on a way to predict what mineral resources will be generated on the ocean floor.

The NSW Government is taking steps to return an island in Sydney harbour to the Aboriginal community.

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