The Queensland government has failed to obtain rights to use nets and drum lines to catch and kill sharks near the Great Barrier Reef.

Calls are growing for an ASX-style water-trading market.

New research suggests Sydney's drinking water catchment is under threat from longwall mining operations.

Queensland farmers are testing a biological fix for nitrogen fertiliser run-off.

Poor water management of the Murray-Darling Basin has led to an alarming decrease in platypus numbers, researchers say.

The New South Wales cabinet is considering restricting water for irrigators in the Barwon-Darling during low-flow events.

David Littleproud has again called for more dams.

A Great Australian Bight oil industry would require decades of subsidies, experts say.

Water vapour has been discovered in the atmosphere of a planet eight times as heavy and twice as large as Earth.

A Victorian council wants to re-route treated sewage for use on farms.

One of the wettest places in WA is running dry, but a new pipeline is on the way.

Salmon producer Tassal wants to test water cannons to move seals away from fish farming pens.

Traditional owners in NSW have welcomed a doubling of the size of the Aboriginal-owned Mutawintji State Conservation Area.

New research has revealed a 71 per cent decline in tiger sharks across Queensland’s coastline.

A new research facility will attempt to trap atoms to protect Australia’s groundwater.

Failures in Australia’s environmental laws have allowed the destruction of threatened species habitat.

The Queensland Government has pledged to top up tanks for drought-ravaged Queensland residents who used their own water to fight bushfires.

Proponents have released plans for Australia’s only methanol plant, to be built in Darwin Harbour.

The Murray-Darling Basin's new ‘top cop’ has vowed to restore trust in the $13 billion basin plan.

New tools are being developed to help manage one of the biggest threats facing the Great Barrier Reef.

Proponents are plugging a big pumped hydro project at Kidston in north Queensland.

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