The ACCC has held its first water inquiry hearing in Mildura.

Antidepressants polluting waterways could change fish behaviour.

Bushfires on the east coast of Australia may take months to fully extinguish, authorities say.

Healthy mangroves are needed to fight climate change on coral reef fisheries, research suggests.

A mine joint-owned by Rio Tinto is polluting a community in Guinea, villagers say.

The Australia Institute says Norway stands to gain the most from Bight oil.

South Australia is turning on its desal plant so that upstream farms can have more water.

The Federal Government is unveiling a reformed $500 million drought stimulus package.

The NSW Government has sacked its drought coordinator less than a year into the job.

Experts are calling on the Federal Government to declare a water emergency in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Drinking water in a remote Aboriginal town in SA has run out.

The federal government has received no water for the $80 million it spent on water entitlements from a company once linked to its energy minister, Angus Taylor.

Indigenous academics are calling for a new look at the governance and practices of mainstream environmental management.

Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek mine is being investigated over its groundwater use.

Over 11,000 scientists from more than 150 countries have endorsed the declaration of a climate emergency.

River Murray Irrigators in South Australia have been granted increased water allocations despite ongoing drought.

Experts have issued a warning about the systems and legislation intended to keep drinking water safe.

Queensland’s Cubbie Station has opened its gates in an attempt to improve its damaged reputation.

A Queensland town is offering free water to struggling communities, if they can come and get it.

Details have been revealed about two chemical leaks from metals processor Nyrstar into Port Pirie's groundwater.

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