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  • Leap Summit - Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand
  • Ozwater'15
  • IAL 2015 Regional Conference
  • 5th World Hydropower Congress
  • 2015 Floodplain Management Association National Conference

Water Conferences and Events

Leap Summit - Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand


Leap is a two day Summit focussing on the hurdles and pathway forward for environmental legislation, environmental approvals and policy.

Rarely a week goes by without discussions or notifications of a change of environmental legislation, policy or approvals strategy. As environmental practitioners, or professionals who work closely with environmental planning, we must adapt to these hurdles and provide ethical, sustainable solutions. In this forum we will hear from Queensland’s leading practitioners in environmental approvals, development and implementation of legislation and policy.  How are lessons past being applied to improve performance and enhance environmental outcomes? How can we lead the way for the next generations for environmentally and economically sustainable solutions to today's challenges?

2015 Floodplain Management Association National Conference

2015 Floodplain Management Association National Conference

19 – 22 May 2015, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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The Conference will showcase both International and National Experts:

  • Mr John Curtin, Environment Agency, UK
  • Professor Bas Jonkman, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
  • Flood Insurance Forum –industry representatives provide an interactive session covering issues of concern to Councils and Insurers
  • State and Territory Presentations – current issues, challenges & opportunities
  • Over 70 Oral presentation
  • Poster Presentations
  • Pre-Conference Flood Workshop
  • Australia-Netherlands Water Challenge

5th World Hydropower Congress

5th World Hydropower Congress
19-21 May 2015  Beijing, China

On 19–21 May 2015, the International Hydropower Association will host the world’s most important gathering of hydropower decision-makers and professionals in Beijing, China.

The 5th World Hydropower Congress will bring together top players and organisations involved in hydropower operation and development around the world, to discuss and debate strategy for the sector over the next 35 years. 

For more information visit World Hydropower Congress

IAL 2015 Regional Conference

Irrigation Australia Limited 2015 Regional Conference

26-28 May 2015, Western Sydney

The peri-urban environment describes the overlapping zone between the traditional rural, agricultural or horticultural use of land, water and other finite resources, the encroaching urban sprawl bringing competition and alternative demands for those limited resources, new regulations and operating conditions and tensions between potential alternative resource uses. As Australia’s urban population grows and new lands are opened up for residential housing around our cities and towns, the impacts on traditional uses of irrigation increases.

While many people think of the peri-urban environment as solely encompassing the fringes of our growing capital cities, it is much broader than that. As Australia becomes a more urbanised society, our capital cities, larger non-capital cities, major regional centres, and even rural and coastal towns, are all experiencing the difficulties of balancing competing needs and expectations from a wide variety of stakeholder groups. Even within our major cities, the peri-urban environment describes both the expanding fringe of the city, and pockets where agricultural or horticultural activities persist alongside major residential areas, such as local market gardens or greenhouses.



12-14 May 2015, Adelaide


Australia has many unique advantages including our world-class resources, proximity to Asia, a temperate climate and the distinct opportunity of growth industries including agribusiness, mining, and tourism. However, for all these industries to prosper they require one vital element – water.

Safe water. Secure water. Sustainable water. Access to water.

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