CSIRO scientists have captured rare footage of five Bigfin Squid in the Great Australian Bight ...

Scientists have collected the first fine-scale maps and imagery of reefs and submarine canyons in the rarely visited Arafura Marine Park.

The Queensland Government has added ‘hydrogen’ to the name of its energy department.

The State of the Climate 2020 reports shows continued warming and an increase in extreme weather.

The NT Government is replacing around 10,000 inaccurate water meters.

Traditional landowners claim they have been offered jobs if they support raising the Warragamba Dam Wall.

Melting glaciers in China’s Qilian mountains could create long-term water shortages, scientists say.

Researchers have found a new species of extinct monk seal which lived in the Tasman Sea around New Zealand.

With dry times ahead, many are looking to drill their own bores.

A new, long-term study has found ocean acidification is ramping up on the Reef.

Reports say the federal Coalition began planning to transfer environmental powers to states months before a review that was meant to inspire the move.

Australia has a new Chief Scientist.

A British judge has thrown out a huge BHP dam disaster class action.

Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt has launched a Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) office in Murray Bridge.

An inquiry into a planned dam expansion in NSW has heard claims the project is designed to benefit miners.

A new report finds ocean acidification is no longer a looming risk for the Great Barrier Reef – it is happening now.

Researchers say Australia should expect more mega-droughts.

New research may help SA farmers use water more efficiently.

A report has found the extraction of Gold Coast groundwater has been “largely unmonitored and unregulated”.

A rural lobby group wants to know why has there been no supplementary water event announced for the NSW Murray River system.

Economists say Australia will lose more than $3 trillion over the next 50 years if climate change is not addressed.

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