Australia’s chief scientist says the nation must do more to lift energy efficiency.

New figures suggest Australia’s big money COVID-19 responses will not require serious austerity to repay.

Experts have proposed changing the Closing the Gap measures.

New reports say big investors are making a killing on water.

A timeline has been set for the approval of the Santos Narrabri gas project.

The SA Government says household water bills will be slashed to ease coronavirus pressures.

Queensland and New South Wales have accused the Federal Government of abandoning a popular drought assistance scheme.

A water pricing overhaul is on the way for NSW.

CSIRO scientists are working to maximise every drop of irrigation water for farmers.

A new partnership aims to install specialised 3D-printers on submarines.

Millions have been raised for a new wastewater-to-renewable hydrogen project.

Experts say the overlooked “human factor” in water management rules can have serious consequences.

The Queensland Government is planning to increase the cost of water by 3.5 per cent next month.

A new study shows deep reefs in Western Australia can be used as a refuge by marine forests from the impacts of ocean warming.

Scientists say shark nets should be replaced by drumlines in Queensland.

The NSW Government has voted down a bill to temporarily stop coal seam gas activity.

Australian nuclear scientists have created ultrathin nanosheets that can separate ions from water.

Polluted water running off a mine site in NSW is entering rivers that supply some of Sydney's water.

Authorities have welcomed a wave of interest in building Australia’s first commercial scale hydrogen projects.

Communities along the Murray-Darling Basin are calling for the urgent buyback of water.

SA Water has announced new recycled water contracts for northern growers.

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