Green groups say the federal government is paying eight times over the market price for Murray-Darling water.

Authorities say they are fighting to fix the unusual taste and colour of Brisbane water.

Schools of fish have been shown to protect themselves by performing a group wave.

Over 150 NSW landholders have been caught breaching water laws.

Melbourne Water is beginning work on a second treatment plant solar farm.

Infrastructure Victoria wants the state government to do more to reduce climate-related risks to water supplies.

Authorities say good weather has helped reduce the rate of main water pipe breakage in South Australia.

A robot fish has been developed to scare off invasive species.

The way that fish interact in groups is being upset by ocean acidification and global warming.

The Federal Government is funding new efforts to keep fish in rivers.

An audit has questioned the effectiveness of Queensland’s dam regulator.

Beaconsfield Dam in Victoria is to be partially decommissioned to meet modern safety standards.

Local experts have completed a major review of the effect of toxic firefighting foam.

Concern abounds after the Northern Territory awarded its largest ever groundwater licence.

Research shows a range of fish are needed to keep crown-of-thorns starfish in check.

The Queensland Government has dismissed cultural heritage destruction concerns at the Carmichael Mine.

Two of Australia's biggest industrial firms are looking at hydrogen-powered bulk freight trains.

Australia’s leading marine and coastal research organisations have outlined priorities to enable the ‘blue economy’.

The MDBA says water for the environment is providing food and habitat for fish and other aquatic animals.

Hunter Water says a $73 million wastewater upgrade will cater for future population growth.

WaterNSW says regional dams are ready to capture the next round of inflows.

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