The NSW Government is implementing a high-tech water metering telemetry system.

The Victorian Government has ordered 125 gigalitres of water from the Desalination Plant for next financial year.

An Australian company has been given the green light for a large rare earths project in WA.

Experts have created new models to mimic the complex interactions between groundwater flow, contaminants and geochemistry.

Microbes have been discovered in a part of the ocean where many believed they could not exist.

Experts say marine life in the world’s oceans could recover by 2050, if appropriate action is taken.

Experts have confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef has seen its third bout of coral bleaching in just five years.

Water restrictions have been removed for most of Tasmania.

Griffith engineers are using ‘nanobelts’ to increase the production of hydrogen fuel.

Experts say a by-product of steel making can be used to both treat wastewater and make stronger concrete.

ARENA has commissioned a study of pumped hydro potential in regional NSW.

The world's tropical coral reefs are approaching a tipping point of ‘near-annual’ bleaching.

Legal action has been launched against a lead smelting facility over the alleged pollution of creek in South Australia.

A massive scientific scorecard has rated the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10.

New South Wales has allowed a coal mining extension under Sydney's Woronora water reservoir.

Peoples’ lack of toilet paper is creating havoc as flushed items block sewer pipes.

Water Research Australia (WRA) has issued advice on COVID-19 in relation to water systems.

A new study looks at renewable energy facilities in areas of environmental significance, which could threaten natural habitats.

Approval has been granted for what could be Australia’s first pumped hydro project in 40 years.

A series of papers have shown that Antarctica is losing ice mass at unprecedented rates.

A new study suggests carbon capture and storage (CCS) could be a real option for Queensland.

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