Low-tech ‘bioreactors’ could be used to manage nitrogen run-off from farms to the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists have discovered a giant reservoir of freshwater locked under the sea.

A Queensland farmer has commissioned their own hydrogeological study that throws official water figures into doubt.

CSIRO says plastic dumped in the ocean is making its way back to Australia’s beaches.

A study of billion-year-old rocks has revealed that the building blocks for life on Earth arrived much later than previously thought.

The river is flowing for the community of Wilcannia in far-western New South Wales for the first time in years.

An official report has questioned compliance in Queensland’s CSG regulation.

Over a thousand Victorians have turned out to protest plans to store contaminated soil in a former coal mine.

New research has found climate change and urbanisation are threatening drinking water quality.

Researchers have pioneered a new filtration technique that could change the future of power.

Australia’s wastewater has given new insights into the nation’s drug consumption.

The Queensland Government has given energy company Santos extended rights to explore environmentally significant areas for potential commercial gas extraction.

The Federal Government has revealed that the cancellation of its plan to transfer water bureaucrats between departments cost taxpayers $365,000.

Five former executives will stand trial over a failed coal gasification plant.

Experts say Australia should ‘bank water’ by using aquifers as giant underground storage tanks.

Residents are angry about a $24 million deal to help the Darling River flow again.

Mining billionaire Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is making a multimillion-dollar investment push into aquaculture.

Protestors have demanded that Queensland’s Paradise Dam be fixed and not lowered.

New research has found wetlands can prevent millions of dollars of storm damage.

Flood waters are bringing the first major test of the northern projects of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan since it was struck in 2012.

A mystery illness is killing Ethiopian villagers near a Chinese oil project in the country’s east.

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