The Victorian Government has committed $16 million for a range of flood recovery works and waterway repairs of damage caused by flood earlier in the year.


The funds will be delivered to the state’s catchment management authorities, with the State Government hoping the additional funding with expedite the current repair work being undertaken by the authorities.


"This money will be used for a range of works including river bed and bank stabilisation, repairs to more than 500km of fencing along riverbanks, revegetation, restoration of CMA assets damaged by floods and removal of debris that pose risks to public infrastructure,” State Water Minister Peter Walsh said.


Mr Walsh said the works would improve water quality, restore the physical stability of rivers and help prepare the catchments for any future flood events.



The funding is as follows:


North Central CMA - $9,046,331

  • Affected by significant flooding in September and November 2010 as well an intense rainfall event on 11 January 2011 causing major flooding
  • January flood peaks in Campaspe, Loddon and Avoca rivers catchments were the highest on record at many stream flow gauges
  • The funding will be used for clearing debris and repositioning large logs to provide in stream habitat, repairing up to 234 km of fencing, riverbank stabilisation, repairing the Pental Island levee and Bullock Creek Drainage infrastructure and restoring other damaged CMA assets

North East CMA - $5,363,484

  • Affected by significant flooding in September and December 2010
  • The September flooding in the Upper Murray River peaked at the highest level in 100 years of record
  • The funding will be used to protect CMA and public assets from increased river erosion and for repairing damaged fencing, timber groynes and rock chutes

Wimmera CMA - $1,069, 336

  • Affected by major flooding in January 2011 after also experiencing flooding in September 2010
  • The severity of the flood is still being determined but is indicated to be in excess of a one in a 100 year event
  • Funding will be used for clearing debris, working with more than 100 landholder in repairing up to 130 km of fencing, replacing vegetation, repairing culverts and replacing erosion-control works

Mallee CMA - $468,200

  • Affected by three significant flood events in 2010 and two significant events in 2011
  • Mildura recorded over 197 mm of rainfall over 4 and 5 February, when the average annual rainfall is 220 mm for the town
  • Funding will be used to repair up to 115 km of damaged CMA fencing along Tyrell Creek and Lalbert Creek and for repairs to damaged CMA assets

Goulburn Broken CMA - $407,000

  • Affected by flooding in September and December 2010 and again in January
  • Major floods occurred in the catchments of upper Broken River and the Delatite River, which was the largest on record for this river
  • The funding will be used to repair fencing, timber groynes and other CMA assets