Sydney Water has announced a $30 million package for Quakers Hill Water Recycling Plant to improve the health of Breakfast and Eastern Creeks.


Sydney Water Managing Director Kerry Schott said the investment will increase the plant’s capacity to disinfect and store stormwater and treated sewage during periods of high rainfall that would otherwise spill into local waterways by substantially increasing the size of a storage basin and a chlorine contact tank.


"This project is one of a series of wet weather wastewater overflow abatement projects worth about $133 million that will be delivered across Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. It is being done by the SewerFix Wet Weather Alliance, a partnership between Sydney Water, Manidis Roberts, MWH, Parsons Brinckerhoff and United Group Infrastructure." Dr Schott said.


“This project is part of Sydney Water’s $560 million SewerFix program which has already had considerable success in reducing the frequency of wet weather wastewater overflows and improving the health of rivers, Sydney Harbour and the beaches."


When the work is complete, the plant will be able to treat, store and disinfect 2,200 litres of water a second.


More information on the SewerFix project can be found here