Sydney Water has selected its wireless water-metering systems for new installations, announcing the award of an ongoing tender this week.

Enware Australia, makers of several ultrasonic electronic metering systems, was awarded the contract to supply its devices as part of the new NSW Multi-Level Individual Metering (MLIM details in PDF form) policy.

The policy covers all new multi-level strata buildings (including apartments) in Greater Metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra region and the Blue Mountains.

Enware says its high-tech meters bring a range of advantages including user-friendliness, cost-efficiency, and the integrity of digital water management, which avoids discrepancies between volumes recorded on the meter versus the data collection system.

The wireless meters and digital data banks can help water authorities plot trends in consumption, prevent tampering and problems from damage or disconnection.

Enware’s metering systems also provide leak detection and reverse flow counting, which assists in dealing with water theft and meter tampering.