The Australian National University (ANU) has launched its new Food Policy Institute, aimed at helping put food on our plates and improving food security across the globe.

The new Institute was officially launched by Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Senator Joe Ludwig.

Senator Ludwig said the Institute, which will bring together top researchers, will add to debates on global food security, as well as analyse critical public policy issues and propose solutions.

“If you look at food demand, it’s meant to double by 2050, so it’s high time we turn our minds to how we can develop and deal with the resource management and productivity requirements that we will need now and into the future,” Senator Ludwig said.

“The Food Policy Institute can continue to drive for outcome rather than process, and by taking a multi-disciplinary approach we can bring all this together.”

The Institute will be led by Professor Tom Kompas, Director of the Crawford School of Public Policy. Professor Kompas said the Institute will look to develop policy answers that cross boundaries in academic expertise.

“Food is one of the major challenges facing us and it’s tied together with concerns over water, energy and climate change. Through the Institute we want to study ways to guarantee we have adequate food supply for the region and that there is stability in the provision of food,” Professor Kompas said.