Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr announced Australia will join the global Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Partnership. Being a member of SWA will allow Australia to add its voice to the global call to support the world's poor with improved access to safe water and basic sanitation.


“In Australia, we are fortunate to have access to clean, safe drinking water and modern water and sewage systems,” said Senator Carr. “Yet for many of the world's poor, the simple act of quenching their thirst is fraught with danger.”


“Sanitation and Water for All is an important partnership between developing countries, donors, multilateral agencies, and civil society that aims to put an end to this situation.


“It provides an opportunity for partners to discuss and address obstacles to the world achieving universal and sustainable access to sanitation and drinking water.”


Australia works to increase access to safe water and basic sanitation, promote good hygiene practices, and strengthen water and sanitation systems in developing countries through the overseas aid program.


The announcement follows the SWA High Level Meeting in Washington DC, where Australia was represented by the Director General AusAID, Peter Baxter.