It appears that fewer Australians are taking up bottled water and are instead opting for the environmentally conscious option, tap water.


According to the Roy Morgan Research Non-Alcoholic Drinks Survey, 26% of the Australian population consumed bottled water in 2007 compared to 23% in 2011.


Efforts to curb the consumption of bottled water for environmental reasons are the reason behind this change, with bans on bottled water in place in the NSW town of Bundanoon, the University of Canberra, the Southbank campus of the Victorian College of Arts and the Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College in Sydney.


The largest declines have come from the 25-34 year age group (36% in 2007, to 29% in 2011) and the 14-25 year age group (35% in 2007, down to 31% in 2011). Lesser declines were seen among older age groups, who typically have lower proportions of bottled water drinkers.