An enterprising developer has a bold plan for South Australia’s Port River – floating accommodation.

Adelaide property developer Greg Toop is seeking permission to build potentially hundreds of properties on the waters between Birkenhead Bridge and the West Lakes outlet in Adelaide's west.

He says buoyant buildings could house anyone from a single family to a hotel full of guests, and be linked together by a system of water taxis.

Mr Toop said Port Adelaide could do with a boost, as it currently lacks “colour and movement”.

“We've come up with a number of ideas surrounding the upper reach of the Port River,” he told the ABC.

“We've been looking at the Port for some time as one of the idyllic development sites in South Australia.”

Mr Toop said would seek a long-term lease agreement with the SA Government before revealing any more details.

But Port Adelaide Enfield Council Mayor Gary Johanson - a self-described “boating fanatic” – is already on board.

“People are finally starting to warm to the idea that the Port has a vibrant future and I just love people that come up with ideas that are really out there, that show imagination and that capture people's spirit,” he told reporters.

“There are hundreds of these types of accommodation places on the River Murray that people live in ... the difference is, instead of being on the River Murray, it'll be on the Port River.

“You see a lot of it in Europe - Stockholm, I know, has got magnificent floating places.

“It really [would] add a lot of character to the river.”