The city of Chatswood has officially opened its $7 million stormwater harvesting project that is set to reduce potable water consumption by over 80 per cent.


Officially opened by New South Wales State Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water Senator Don Farrell,  the Integrated Water Management project aims to showcase the effects of stormwater harvesting on the reduction of potable water consumption.


The centre will harvest stormwater from the Chatswood CBD and Civic Place and re-used for non-drinking purposes, including irrigation, public toilets and air-conditioning cooling towers.


“Reusing this stormwater will save 25 million litres of drinking water each year and reduce stormwater discharges to local creeks and Middle Harbour by 14 per cent,” Senator Farrell said.


The project was co-funded between federal and state governments and forms part of the Commonwealth’s $1.5 billion Water for Future initiative.