Northern Australia is at risk of severe coastal flooding impacts, which are set to soar by the end of the century.

Australian-led research shows coastal flooding events could threaten assets worth up to US$14 trillion, or 20 per cent of the global GDP, by 2100.

Northern Australia is one of the areas predicted to be most impacted by flooding, along with north-west Europe, south-east and east Asia, and north-east USA.

If nothing is done to address the causes, by 2100, the research projects the land area inundated, population affected and assets threatened will increase by around 50 per cent.

More than two thirds of the flooding will be caused by tide and storm events, with around a third due to projected regional sea level rise.

The findings indicate that without investment in flood defences or a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, coastal flooding could have major implications for the global population and economy by the end of the century.

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