Sydney Water has made a call for tenders to naturalise a one kilometer stretch of river bank along the Cooks River as part of a multi-million dollar project to improve stormwater management in the area.


The riverbank naturalisation project presents an historic opportunity for Sydney Water to replace the deteriorated concrete channel with riverbanks that are more natural,” said Sydney Water’s Managing Director Kevin Young.


“The project follows completion of the $900,000 wetland near Cup and Saucer Creek as well as over $3 million for the removal of more than 6,000 tonnes of silt from the river bed.”


Riverbank naturalisation generally involves the removal of the steep concrete channel bank and creating a more gently sloping bank which will be stabilised with native plants, trees and rocks.


The project was developed in partnership with the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority, local councils and other land and water managers.


The contract to the successful tenderer is expected to be awarded in November 2012 with construction set to begin in early 2013.


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