Key water organisations in Australia and Vietnam have made a joint agreement to address some of the big water challenges facing Vietnam.

The Australian Water Association (AWA) has signed an MoU with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association in Hanoi, outlining the Associations’ plans to work together in the areas of trade and business matching, education and training.

The groups say they will look for joint projects to attract funding for sustainable development of Vietnam’s water and wastewater infrastructure too.

AWA Chief Executive, Jonathan McKeown, said that many opportunities existed for Vietnam andAustralia to collaborate.

“The purpose of the MOU is to foster closer economic cooperation and support Vietnam navigate through new extremes in climate and the associated impacts to the provision of safe, secure, sustainable and efficient water management solutions,” he said.

The Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association says it is keen to work with AWA, providing business introductions to AWA members and assisting them in procuring business in Vietnam.

“AWA looks forward to facilitating the transfer of expertise and support from the Australian water sector to assist Vietnam as its own regulatory environment and water demands evolve,” McKeown said.

“The Australian water sector has a wealth of expertise and products that are highly relevant to the issues being faced in Vietnam.

“The knowledge we have gained in setting the governance frameworks to manage uncertainty in climate and secure our water supplies by diversifying into a range of supply options, including recycling, stormwater harvesting and desalination will be offered to the Vietnamese water sector.”