A new draft protection plan for the Swan Canning Riverpark, which outlines a range of actions to improve the management, health and amenity of the river, has been released for a three-month public comment period.

WA Environment Minister Bill Marmion said the draft River Protection Strategy (RPS) sets out how to achieve safe, equitable and sustainable management of the Riverpark. The plan acknowledges the key river managers, including State Government agencies, local governments and the community while recognising the need to better coordinate initiatives across key partners.

“The draft strategy outlines ways of better managing commercial and recreational activities, preserving river ecology and improving public amenity of the Swan Canning Riverpark as a recreational space,” Mr Marmion said.

“The Riverpark is important to users for many reasons including its environmental, social and economic values.”

“The draft RPS has been developed to foster a collaborative management approach for the Riverpark. Local government makes an enormous contribution to river management and support from the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) has been critical.”

The WA Government made a $14.1million contribution to the Swan River Trust this year. This commitment will enable the trust to continue testing end-of-catchment wetland treatment systems, build a third oxygenation plant on the Canning River and continue erosion control infrastructure at 13 riverbank project sites.

The draft strategy is available here.