A draft marine bioregional plan and a Commonwealth marine reserve network proposal for the South-west Marine Region have been released for public consultation. 


The proposed network of marine reserves covers breeding and feeding grounds for species such as the Australian sea lion, southern right whales and blue whales.


Under the proposed marine reserve network there would be three zones including:

  • Marine National Park zones which would provide the highest level of protection and would be managed to protect areas where marine life live and the important conservation values of the area; limited activities would be permitted;
  • Multiple Use zones which would protect and maintain the conservation values of the area while allowing sustainable economic use, including all recreational fishing. Some types of commercial fishing would be allowed. As is currently the case, certain production and exploration would be permitted subject to national environment law approval; and
  • Special Purpose zones which would allow some activities not allowed in other zones. For example, Special Purpose zones in the proposed south-west marine reserve network would allow the use of some fishing gear types that would not be permitted in Multiple Use zones.


These drafts will be available for public comment for 90 days during which everyone is encouraged to make a formal submission.


The consultation period will conclude on 8 August 2011.


Submissions are invited on the:


For more information on the consultation process please contact:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 1800 069 352