The Victorian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has found that discharges from the Yallourn Mine are having no serious effects on the surrounding lakes and waterways.


The EPA issued the conclusion following meetings with local fishermen, representatives of the Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee and TRUenergy executives.


“Samples taken and tested by an independent nationally accredited laboratory and verified by EPA show the discharge complies with the limits set within the emergency discharge approval,” EPA Gippsland Manager Dieter Melzer said.


“The science shows that pH levels are neutral, mercury is below detection limits and there are very low levels of coal particles, underpinning EPA’s assessment that there will be no long term environmental impacts.

“A simple visual assessment tells us that the water is muddier, but this still falls within approved limits, and will settle in time.

“The mix of river and discharge water has only this week started flowing into Lake Victoria, and in fact represents a very small proportion, four per cent, of total inflows into the lakes system.”


Mr Melzer said EPA would keep the community informed of further applications for discharge from the mine and of any significant changes to the water quality that could have an impact on the Gippsland lakes.