The deteriorating Menindee to Broken Hill pipeline will be decommissioned.

The pipeline has for over 50 years supplied raw water for pastoralists in far west New South Wales.

But authorities say it will be decommissioned once an alternative option is secured.

The pipe will not be needed after a $500 million pipeline from Murray River to Broken is built.

Essential Energy, which maintains the current pipeline, “plans to cease water pumping via the existing Menindee pipeline from late 2019”, the company says.

“Ten pastoral customers who draw raw water from multiple metered take-off points on the Menindee pipeline for livestock and domestic purposes will no longer have access to this water supply.”

Essential says it is committed to providing alternative, cost-effective water supplies.

The company says it will also provide better quality water for Menindee and Sunset Strip residents through a new treatment plant.