Farmers say it will be hard to afford some of their new high-tech water requirements.

New laws introduced by the NSW Government require irrigation pumps on rivers to be fitted with telemetry equipment that transmits 'real-time' data.

The idea is to create transparent and accurate records of how much water is being pumped.

The devices must be installed by December 2019, but farmers say that with an ongoing drought there is very little money for high-tech equipment.

Many farmers are already compliant with the new regime because they have joined a scheme in which their water is supplied through a cooperative with pumping equipment already fitted with telemetry gear.

But they are still plenty with several years of failed crops behind them, feeling the strain from the drought, and now having to make complex infrastructure and investment decisions.

The companies that make the equipment say increased connectivity will provide farmers with online access to relevant information, so they can manage their water use more effectively.

However, some irrigation equipment suppliers say they are having issues getting the gear ratified by government authorities in time for their April deadline.

The Government has set up a new agency called the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) to work with growers and help them become compliant with the new regulations.

The NRAR has been running a huge recruitment drive over the past 12 months and has been working on connections with growers on the ground.

But farmers also say they are facing another pressure – negative commentary in social media.

Some growers say that they can barely pop their heads up online without being berated over their business practices.

The deaths of millions of fish in the Darling River, as well as allegations and court action over water theft, are generating new interest in water use and river health.

Irrigators say they are fighting to defend their right to use water even when they fulfil all regulations and have their legal rights in order.