Irrigators using centre pivot (CP) and lateral move (LM) irrigation systems are being urged to participate in a review aimed at identifying the benefits and limitations of their irrigation systems. 


NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) irrigation officer, Janelle Montgomery, said the review is being conducted to provide irrigators with up-to-date information on CP and LM irrigation systems. 


“We are looking for cotton growers in the NSW Border Rivers, Gwydir, Namoi, Macquarie and southern irrigation regions to participate in the review,” Ms Montgomery said. 


“This will involve a face-to-face interview with each participant, which is expected to take around two hours.” 


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Installations 
  • Pump and water supplies 
  • Water application strategies 
  • Sprinkler packages 
  • Tyres and wheels 
  • Farming System 
  • Crop water requirement 
  • Machine performance 
  • Runoff management 
  • Crop development 
  • Agronomic considerations 
  • Purchase decision-making 


Ms Montgomery said interest in CP and LM irrigation systems is increasing as irrigators strive to improve their on-farm water use efficiency. 


“The capital investment required is significant and the associated costs and benefits can be difficult to understand,” she said. 


“Since the last review of CP and LM systems in 2001, many new machines have been commissioned and we want to update that information by capturing the lessons and experiences of those irrigators. 


“Their experiences can help others make better informed investment decisions on the uptake of CP and LM machines and increase grower understanding of the management practices required to successfully use the technology.” 


“I ask anybody willing to participate to call me on 0428 640 990.” 


The CP and LM irrigation review is being conducted by NSW DPI with funding from the Cotton Research and Development Corporation.  


“Importantly, the information collected will be combined with that already collected in Queensland as part of the Health HeadWaters Project, to provide a whole of industry review,” Ms Montgomery said.