The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry has released its first report into the December and January floods, making  a total of 175 recommendations to deal with a similar catastrophe in the future.


Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has promised to act on all recommendations made by the inquiry, but admitted that some measures would not be in place before the next flood season.


“In relation to every single one of the recommendations that apply to the Queensland government, they will be fully implemented,” Ms Bligh said.


In a statement to the press, Ms Bligh admitted that there had been a breakdown in communication clarity between separate water authorities.


Both the Bureau of Meteorology and the inquiry found that the Wivenhoe Dam, which burst its containment levels during the flood, should be kept at 70 per cent of capacity in the face of a similar event.


State Opposition leader Campbell Newman has called for the resignation of Water Utilities Minister Stephen Robertson following accusations that his refusal to release water from the Wivenhoe Dam caused even greater damage. Ms Bligh has defended the minister’s actions during the floods, saying a degree of confusion was ‘understandable’.


The full report can be found here