Irrigators in the Atherton sub-artesian area will have access to 100 per cent of their groundwater entitlements for the 2011-2012 water year.


Queensland Regional Services Director Andrew Buckley said the result was due to above average rainfall in the Atherton area.


"Department of Environment and Resource Management staff have analysed water levels at several key observation bores which show continuing recharge to the groundwater system from recent rainfall," Mr Buckley said.


"Significant recharge to the groundwater aquifers in the Atherton sub-artesian area began earlier than normal.


"This recharge allows for the full usage of groundwater entitlements."


Mr Buckley said the entitlements apply only to licences which state a volumetric limit. Groundwater for household or stock use are not affected.


"Licensees are encouraged to continue monitoring their water use on a regular basis to ensure efficient use of the resource."