The South Australian budget, released last Thursday, has allocated more than $800 million in 2011-12 to existing and new water supply initiatives.


The Treasurer Jack Snelling said the government will continue to invest in key existing water security projects including the Adelaide Desalination Plant, the North South Interconnector system and various stormwater and wastewater reuse projects across the state.


“The Adelaide Desalination Plant is on track to start producing water from the end of next month and this significant investment will put us in a better position to handle future climatic challenges and reduce our reliance on the River Murray.


“Work has begun on the North-South Interconnection System Project that will allow desalinated water to be transferred between the northern and southern water supply systems and improved flexibility in managing our supplies.”


Mr Snelling said the Government was also increasing the volume of stormwater and waste water re-use through a number of projects, including:

  • The Adelaide Airport Stormwater scheme;
  • The Barker Inlet Stormwater Scheme;
  • Upgrades to the Christies Beach and Bird In Hand waste water treatment plants;
  • Increasing the capacity to supply non-potable water in the southern suburbs through the Southern Urban Re-Use Project; and
  • Installing new gas engines and optimising energy use at the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant.


A further $4.3 million will be spent on works to upgrade and maintain the Patawalonga Lake System, focusing on repairing the northern gates and upgrading the Glenelg gates.